Services offered by a commercial locksmith

The principal role of a locksmith is to install and repair door-locking systems in residential and commercial buildings. However, the job encompasses much more than that: your locksmith will make sure that your access systems are rugged enough to keep you and your property safe.

When it comes to your business, the goal of a commercial locksmith is to offer you the best protection against break-ins and theft and the best products to provide high security for your building. But what exact services do they offer?

Here’s an overview of the services locksmiths provide for businesses.

Internal theft: when the enemy is near

The data are conclusive: studies have shown that theft, which costs companies no less than four billion dollars each year, is partly attributable to the companies’ employees. While trust is necessary to maintain a healthy work environment, it’s still important for a company not to take anything for granted. Businesses must make it a priority to do all they can to reinforce the overall security of their premises and protect their property.

To accomplish this, it’s necessary to do business with an experienced locksmith, who will implement proven methods of limiting access to strategic locations. These methods also include strategies for protecting the business from external theft.

Well-organized professional thieves

You may believe that a typical thief is an idle good-for-nothing who’s just waiting to break your windows and force your locks in order to steal your valuables. This type of break-in is relatively easy to prevent with the installation of suitable locks and other appropriate security measures.

However, organized crime is threatening an increasing number of businesses, and the sophisticated methods these criminals use necessitate reinforced protection. Therefore, companies should consider implementing multiple levels of security. A professional locksmith is your best resource when you need advice on heavy-duty security systems that are adapted to your particular situation.

What services does a commercial locksmith offer?

Whether for a huge production plant or a small office building, the products and services a professional locksmith can provide include the following:

Other effective solutions for protecting your company from theft include reprogramming locks and changing security codes after the departure of an employee.

An anti-theft safe to protect your valuables

The installation of a safe is yet another commercial service a professional locksmith can offer. Having a safe for your company represents a major asset when it comes to protecting important items, such as confidential documents, samples, rare products, digital data, checks and cash.

Whether to protect property from theft or fire, a safe can be advantageous for any type of business and even for individuals.

The services your locksmith can provide in relation to safes include the following:

  • Professional advice regarding the choice of a safe
  • Sale of superior-quality safes
  • Installing safes (sealed, built in to the wall or floor)
  • Opening safes, when necessary
  • Changing combinations
  • Replacing batteries
  • Repairing and replacing locks

Mul-T-Lock security systems for businesses

Are you looking for a high-performance security system for your company? Mul-T-Lock has created access and monitoring systems to offer effective, durable, personalized solutions to businesses of all sizes.

The brand offers numerous innovative high-tech solutions for institutions, large companies, office buildings and factories.

Your locksmith offers the following Mul-T-Lock products:

  • SMARTair technologies
  • Electromechanical locking systems with eCLIQ locks
  • WatchLock padlocks
  • Code-It handles with access codes
  • Industrial locks (for telephones, file cabinets, cash registers, cabinets, etc.)
  • Smart padlocks combined with an advanced GPS system
  • High-performance Mul-T-Lock cylinders
  • Electromechanical key systems for the industrial sector

Intercom systems

Widely used in apartment buildings, intercom systems represent yet another effective method of securing access to a company’s premises.

Having a locksmith install an intercom system is an ideal solution for the following:

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Public buildings (institutions)
  • Office buildings
  • Production plants and the industrial sector
  • Medical facilities
  • Shops

Whatever line of business you’re in, your locksmith can suggest a wide variety of intercom models. It all depends on your needs and your preferences.

To give you an idea of the best intercom solution for your particular situation, here are a few examples of the available options:

Telephone intercom systems

These systems link directly to your smartphone. They’re very practical when a visitor is at the door of your building while you’re busy at your workstation.

IP intercom systems

IP systems can connect to your internet network. With the aid of your VoIP landline, a mobile app or your computer, managing the comings and goings in your offices is child’s play.

Videophone systems

If you’re the visual type, you’ll appreciate an intercom system with a camera. This security system enables you to identify visitors to your premises before you allow them to enter.

Other services your locksmith offers

The services of a professional locksmith include the sale, installation and repair of numerous high-quality products aimed at guaranteeing the security of your store or company.

Do business with a reputable locksmith

Are you looking for expert advice to secure your business? With Serruriers Amherst, you’ll get the peace of mind you need so you can focus solely on your professional activities! Our team can combine various security measures that are adapted to your particular needs. Assure yourself of optimal protection by doing business with a trusted commercial locksmith.


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