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Commercial locks: options and advantages

Whether you own the building where your business or warehouse is located or you lease a commercial or industrial property, it’s essential to ensure the security of your merchandise, documents, equipment, etc. To prevent break-ins and burglaries, you must secure access to the building. Luckily, you have numerous available options in commercial locks and access control solutions to help you do this.

Obviously, for optimum security, it’s best to opt for high-performance locks from reputable brands, such as Mul-T-Lock and Medeco.

Here’s a brief introduction to the two main types of commercial locks currently available on the market.

Locks with restricted keys

These heavy-duty mechanical locks are high-security products featuring a superior design to ensure the security of your premises, as well as your peace of mind.

The advantages of these locks include the following:

  • Incomparable strength with essential components made of tempered steel
  • Resistance to all attempts at picking
  • Resistance to the bump key method
  • Enhanced protection against blows, impacts, drilling or any other attempts at intrusion
  • Availability of double- or triple-security locking mechanisms
  • Options in specialized locks (for elevators, extra-thick doors, etc.), depending on your needs
  • Heavy-duty high-security keys
  • Restricted keys that can only be copied with the owner’s consent or by presenting a registration card or control card, preventing unauthorized copies

Available models

The following are some of the best available models of mechanical locks with restricted keys.

From Mul-T-Lock, a leader in the area of security:

  • The MT5+, one of the most reliable triple-security locks currently on the market
  • The Interactive+ double-security lock

From Medeco, the world-renowned brand that supplies door locks and security systems notably for the White House and the Pentagon:

  • The Maxum Deadbolt lock

Electronic locks

In recent years, a whole range of high-security electronic locks have been developed to meet the growing demand on the part of businesses everywhere for modernized access control and improved security for their commercial and industrial buildings and properties. You should be aware that all commercial electronic locks must be approved by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC).

The advantages of these locks include the following:

  • Incomparable durability
  • Keyless access to the premises
  • Strict control of the zones and locations to which people have access
  • Convenient monitoring of employee arrivals and departures, as an excellent alternative to traditional timecard systems
  • Resistance to picking (Grade 1 classification)
  • Enhanced security, thanks to their compatibility with alarm systems and video equipment with programmable triggering

Among the best models of electronic locks on the market, you’ll find products from SMARTair and WatchLock, as well as the Code-It door handle from Mul-T-Lock.

Do you need a commercial lock?

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