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Digital locks: effective and easy to use

Digital locks

Often used in the industrial sector, digital locks allow you to easily control the comings and goings in your company. Thanks to this technology, you can control what time your employees come and leave work. Moreover, it is an excellent replacement option for clocking in system still in place in some companies.

Combine this with a camera system with preprogrammed triggering, and you will be able to double-check the identity of the personnel authorized to enter the premises. Please note, it is not strictly for businesses. It can indeed be installed in residential areas, it is easier than one may think. Combined with regular locks, it will prevent people who have another set of keys to enter the building. This access control can be paired with an alarm system for maximum security. We offer a wide selection of products for private individuals.

Serruriers Amherst Inc., it is a team of experts, quality brands such as Farfisa, Fermax, Mircom and a professional installation. You can trust our exceptional service. Your safety, our priority!

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Highly appreciated by users, electronic locks offer a considerable advantage in that no key is required. Used both for residences and the commercial sector, electronic locks are an excellent alternative to traditional locks. Whatsmore, since a code is used instead of a key, you can easily change it anytime you’d like, in order to increase security as well as limit access.

  • Available in a brass or silver finish
  • Installation time: approximately one hour
  • Guarantees vary between 1 to 2 years, depending on the manufacturer
  • The locks are tested for temperatures as low as -25 degrees
  • You can select a lock with a spring bolt or a deadbolt
  • Electronic locks can only be installed on standard doors with a thickness of 1,75 inches or less

Commercial Electronic locks

Widely used in the commercial sector, electronic locks allow for a strict control of areas that are accessible to your employees. Be it for stores, storage units, administrative office buildings or municipal buildings, commercial locks must be approved by the ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada). Contrary to residential locks, which are class 2 or 3, commercial locks are class 1 and that means they’re much more robust and resistant to lock picking. Their durability is also substantially longer than classic locks, which means easier maintenance of your business’ access system.

Your safety is our priority!