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The advantages of an intercom system

Whether you live in an apartment or private residence or you’re the owner of an office building, the installation of an intercom system offers numerous benefits. Being able to identify visitors is just one of its undeniable assets when it comes to optimizing the security of your premises.

Would you like to simplify your busy day-to-day schedule or make your business even more secure? Keep reading for tips and information on installing an intercom in your entryway.

What does an intercom system consist of?

An intercom (or interphone) system is a security mechanism that replaces the usual doorbell or buzzer. This technology allows you to vocally or visually identify anyone who shows up at your door. As a result, you have much more control over who has access to your home or offices.

Frequently used in apartment complexes and industrial buildings, intercoms serve as an internal communication system, freeing up telephone lines for incoming calls. Intercoms are generally combined with an electric latch system so you can let in whomever you choose.

These days, as more and more people are turning to new technologies to make their lives easier, intercoms have become increasingly popular in private residences, as well.

Available options: which model should you choose?

There is a wide range of different models, from simple to sophisticated, to meet the needs of just about anyone. Among the simplest models is the standard intercom. This is a basic unit consisting of one module at the entrance and another one inside, allowing you to respond and open the door. It’s also possible to add a video feature so you can see who’s standing outside the door.

Intercoms now mandatory in buildings with six or more apartments

For apartment buildings, intercom systems have become more important than ever. In fact, buildings with at least six apartments are required by law to be equipped with an intercom to ensure the safety and security of the tenants.

What are the benefits of an intercom?

Secure access to your property or building

Whether you choose a basic model or a fancy one equipped with video, an intercom system will enhance the security of your property. An intercom is perfect for thwarting attempts at forced entry, as its mere presence tends to dissuade potential burglars. Furthermore, numerous systems are equipped with a motion sensor or infrared technology capable of detecting even the slightest anomaly, whether in the daytime or at night. You can’t put a price tag on a 24/7 sense of security!

Convenient remote control

Besides offering an increased level of protection, an intercom is the solution of choice for facilitating remote access management. For seniors who have trouble getting up to answer the door, an intercom allows them to receive visitors with ease.

Other advantages of having an intercom system installed

  • Quick entry for clients and delivery services
  • Improved access management for your company
  • Better identification of visitors (vocally or visually)
  • Optimized communication with visitors
  • Ease of use for everyone

Entrust the installation of your intercom system to the specialists

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