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Intercom: Sales and installation

Protect your buildings from intrusions

Monitor the entrance of your building with an intercom system

Whether you are a homeowner, a company owner or you are just renting an apartment, secure your entrance by using an intercom. It is a security system allowing you to vocally or visually check on your visitors, to grant them access or not.

You can choose from various types of Intercom!

Contrary to popular belief, there are different types of intercom with different functionalities. You can choose a standard intercom, it includes a device placed outside and an answering and unlocking system inside. Or you can choose a video intercom to see who is waiting behind the door. We have plenty of options to choose from!

Types of Intercoms for multi-unit buildings and characteristics

Are you an owner of a building with 6 or more units? Did you know that you’re legally bound to have an intercom system in order to ensure your renters safety?

Wall mounted

A basic intercom is a wall-mounted panel that’s installed near the entrance of your building, to help visitors signal their presence with a buzzer. From their apartment, tenants can then unlock the front door, thanks to the simple press of a button. Note, to proceed with the installation of a wall mounted intercom, it’s necessary to have access to all the apartment units.

Wall intercom with telephone

Just like the wall station, the wall intercom with telephone allows you to control access to your apartment building. The advantage of this intercom system is that it allows you to communicate with the person requesting access to the building before allowing them to enter, so you can verify the identity of the person for better security.

To install a wall intercom with telephone, be aware that the apartments must be accessible.

Remote access system - home automation

Thanks to the development in electronics, it’s now possible to unlock the front door of your building, or the front door of your apartment, by using your cell phone. Does your mother have to come to your apartment or condo in your absence? No problem! When the buzzer is pressed, you receive a notification on your phone telling you she’s arrived, which then allows you to unlock the door. This remote system helps you control access at all times. Note that this system must be installed by one of our specialists.

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Intercom systems experts in Montreal, Laval and surrounding areas

For expert advice, consult our specialists who will be able to advise you and direct you towards an intercom system for your building suited to your needs. We are proud to offer you the biggest brands such as Farfisa, Fermax, Mircom, ACI and more. We carry out Intercom installation in Montreal, Laval and surrounding areas.