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Mul-T-Lock: residential and commercial high-end security systems

A better protection for less stress

Quality and performance guaranteed, Mul-T-Lock products are unique because of their durability and technological aspect. For over four decades, Mul-T-Lock has been a worldwide leader in developing High Security locking products and access control solutions for institutional, commercial, industrial and residential applications. At Serrurier Amherst, we are proud to offer the following products:

Residential digital access system

Know who is approaching your property or your company every hour of the day–or night–with the GotU+™ 5140 series of digital door viewers. This system allows you to check who is coming to your house 24/7 thanks to a motion-sensor activated camera and night vision technology. Easy to use and esthetically pleasing, GotU+™ will fit over your existing viewer.

Access Control Solution for Businesses

Thanks to Mul-T-Lock access control systems, you will properly secure the access to your commercial and industrial sites. Whether you choose SMARTair technology, eCLIQ electromechanical locks increased protection, WatchLock padlock innovative technology or Code-it handles securing your rooms with an access code, we have what you need.

  • SMARTair
  • WatchLock
  • Code-It


Protect yourself in a new and effective way with Mul-T-Lock’s wide selection of padlocks, both mechanical and electromechanical. This patented technology goes beyond traditional padlocks. The intelligent alarm locking solution is combined with a High Security mechanical padlock with advanced GPS-location system and GSM communication.


Residential Locks

Sturdy, long-lasting and esthetically pleasing, Mul-T-Lock locks are known for their performance. They are available in different colors and finishes, so it is your decision to make.

Industrial Locks

Lock your equipment: phones, binders, cabinets, cash registers and more with industrial locks that don’t need to prove their worth anymore. Don’t wait for the robbery to happen, act now!


Mechanical and electromechanical, Mul-T-Lock cylinders abide by the highest security standards of the industry. Whether it is for institutions, businesses or homeowners, they are made to secure your belongings the best way possible.

  • Euro Cylinder
  • Mortise Cylinder
  • Rim Cylinder
  • Rim Ø35 Cylinder
  • Rimo Cylinder
  • Key In Knob (K.I.K.) Cylinder
  • Cylinder for “Weiser” Type Locks
  • Cylinder for “Kwikset” Type Locks
  • Cylinder for “Yale” Type I.C. Locks
  • Cylinder for “Schlage” Type I.C. Locks
  • Cylinder for “Baldwin” Type Locks


Well-known for its unique solutions and innovations, Mul-T-Lock has also a wide selection of high-performance mechanical and electromechanical keys for the industrial and residential sectors.

  • MT5® & MT5®+
  • Interactive®+
  • Integrator®

Que vous ayez besoin de faire faire la reproduction de votre clé ou que vous recherchiez un système de serrure numérique pour votre entreprise, contactez-nous dès aujourd’hui!

Your safety is our priority!