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Installing an automatic opening door at your business

People in wheelchairs, parents with a stroller, clientele with their hands full… It’s hard not to find a reason to invest in an automatic opening door for your business. These doors are more than just a trend: we’re talking about accessibility to public places. And you can be sure that people will express their appreciation as soon as your system is installed.

Whether you own a large store, run the neighborhood corner shop or manage a building, take a moment to learn more about the advantages, prices, features and functioning of automatic opening doors. You’ll undoubtedly be tempted by the potential they offer for protection, service and security.

Why install an automatic opening door?

As we’ve mentioned, universal accessibility is one of the top reasons. But we’d like to point out some other lesser-known advantages. Most importantly? Solidity. Automatic opening doors are particularly strong. They have to be, considering how many times they open and close each day! Not to mention the weather they’re exposed to, depending on their location. Opting for an automatic opening door means making an investment in the future and ensuring your peace of mind at the same time.

Why? Because their durability and automation are vital assets when it comes to protecting your business. For example, in the event of a fire, the doors can close to keep the fire from spreading. But since the doors won’t be locked, your employees and clientele can still evacuate the building, if necessary. The renowned durability of automatic opening doors guarantees reliable, foolproof protection, offering security for people and security against break-ins.

Automatic opening doors are also known for being easy to install. It only takes about half of a day to get the system up and running. Accompanied by a certificate of compliance from the Quebec Building Authority guaranteeing its quality and legitimacy, this product is a sure bet on every level.
Another point that’s highly appreciated on a daily basis: automatic opening doors facilitate foot traffic. Think about the flow of people entering and exiting your establishment: the doors open by themselves with no knobs to turn or handles to push… The result? They take less time to open, thus ensuring the fluidity of everyone’s comings and goings.

Last but not least, they help you save energy. In fact, since the doors reclose immediately after people go through them, they will optimize your building’s energy efficiency. Your heating and air conditioning won’t be needlessly wasted on the outside.

Models, pricing and the opening mechanism: criteria for choosing the right system

Various types of automatic opening doors are available on the market, including sliding doors and folding doors. This varied selection will allow you to equip your business with the most suitable model without sacrificing appearance or reliability.
With regard to activation, you also have several options to choose from:

  • Manual activation by means of a push button
  • Automatic activation triggered by a sensor, causing the door to open and then close again after a certain amount of time has passed
  • Semi-automatic activation by lightly pushing on the door to trigger the mechanism that opens and closes it
  • A remote control, ideal for opening and closing the door from a distance

What about the price? Accessibility, security and strength all come at a cost, but it’s probably not as high as you may think. Generally, you can expect to spend around $2,000 to purchase and install this type of system. And don’t forget about the certificate of compliance that comes with it, guaranteeing that it meets all current standards.

To be sure that you’re making the right choice, you can turn to the professionals at Serruriers Amherst. Dependable, attentive and detail-oriented, they will help you find the model that will make your business even more inviting and convenient. At the same time, your security, energy savings and eco-responsible vision are assured.

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