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You have valuables and we know it

A long-lasting, sturdy and reliable selection of safes

When you think about a safe, you often associate it with a bank. Think again! You don’t have to be a bank to own one!

We all have valuables, papers or important documents we want to store safely. At Serrurier Amherst, we have a team of experts you can trust, they will advise and guide you to buy the proper safe.

A safe for everyone

Sturdy and resistant, our safes are an excellent choice when you need to safely store your belongings. At Serruriers Amherst, we have a wide selection of products for our clients. Whether it is for a residential area, a business, a restaurant or a hotel, we have it all! This is what we have:

Anti-theft safes come equipped with digital, combination or key locks with interior dimensions varying from approximately 12’’ x 12’’ x 12’’ to 50’’x 20’’ x 20’’.

Our fireproof safes can resist temperatures of up to 177°C (350°F). They are mainly used to protect documents and valuables. Moreover, another type of safe, called media safe, keeps electronic records at an interior temperature below 52°C (125°F)* even if the exterior temperature is higher.

All our safe brands are submitted to a heat test (1 hour at 1200 degrees) in order to evaluate their resistance to fire.

Depository safes, which are generally made up of steel boxes and doors. The lock options are diverse: key, combination and digital combination. In addition, they allow either a front depot or a single or double door rotating depot.

What you need to know about safes

Safe insurance

If you own a commercial safe, know that you can benefit from a discount from your insurance company, if the safe meets the highest standards. We encourage you to check with your insurer.

Blocked safe

Want to retrieve an object from your safe, but unfortunately its blocked or refuses to open? Know that there is always a solution to this situation. Through manipulation or piercing, our team can help solve the problem. Read our blog post to learn more about solutions for a blocked safe.

Safe key

If you have a key safe, know that you can visit us at a branch in Montreal or Laval for a key double.

How to choose your safe

Watches, money, confidential documents, jewellery, valuable objects: there are many reasons that justify buying a safe. But how do you choose the right safe for your specific needs? At Serrurier Amherst our team of experts is here to guide you in choosing the products that are best suited to your needs. However, one thing is vital in helping us suggest the best product; transparency.

A safe designed for documents does not have the same characteristics as one that’s made to store a significant sum of money or artwork. It’s very important to tell our specialists what you intend to store in your safe. This helps us ensure that our team can suggest the very best option for your specific needs.

Price of a safe

The price of a safe starts at $800, while basic fire-resistant storage starts at $200. The budget is different and so are the needs. Again, being specific helps us point you to the exact product you’ll need.

The safe experts in Montreal and Laval

Serruriers Amherst Locksmiths have a team of experts guiding you through the process, from the selection to the installation of your safe in your business or residence. When you choose us, you choose the quality of the materials and renowned brands, such as Gardex, Amsec, Star, Ultranix, Permavault, Mul-T-Lock.

To buy one of our safes, stop by our store to have a look at the wide selection of products we have to offer. It will be our pleasure to help you make the right decision. For any other information regarding the purchase of a safe or for our security systems or our products (keys and locks, intercom, automatic door opener, etc.), do not hesitate to contact our team.