Where to go for key copying in Montreal

Considering that we use our keys day after day, we all know that having a spare set is essential, as it can be a lifesaver in numerous different situations. Whether for your residence, your automobile, your motorcycle, your padlocks, your safe or your company, duplicate keys are important so you aren’t dependent on one single set, because the truth is that no one is immune from stolen, broken or lost keys. With a spare set, you’ll always be able to access your home, office, business or auto without having to spend your hard-earned money to have a locksmith come to the rescue.

If you’ve recently moved and everyone in your family needs a set of keys, if you’ve recently changed the locks on your home, your businesses or your offices, or if you’ve recently purchased an automobile, motorcycle or boat, think about having a duplicate set of keys made for your security and convenience.

You should be aware, however, that there are numerous different models of keys on the market, so you can’t go just anywhere to make copies. Here’s some useful information on the topic to guide you.

The various types of keys

All of the keys on the market are different from each other, depending on their use. Duplication of certain types of keys is subject to strict regulations, while you can copy other types freely. Below, you’ll find the details on the principal types of keys.

Common keys

Also called standard or unrestricted keys, common keys are the most widespread type of keys on the market. Various types fall under this category, including the following:

  • Individual keys that open a single lock
  • Single keys that open all of the locks in a home or office
  • Flat keys that only fit into the lock right-side up
  • Reversible keys that fit into the lock right-side up or upside down
  • Master keys (general, partial, technical, etc.), which can open several locks with different cylinders and are thus widely used in professional settings

It’s easy to have duplicates made of all of these common keys, as there are no restrictions on copies.

Restricted keys

Also called secure, high-security or protected keys, restricted keys and the corresponding locks are more secure and more solidly built than common keys. The locks are pickproof and impossible to force, while the keys are registered in order to limit the number of copies. The primary brands of restricted keys are Medeco, Abloy and Mul-T-Lock, all of which offer both single-cylinder latches and double-cylinder locks with a deadbolt.

There are strict regulations governing the duplication of restricted keys; only a locksmith has the authorization to make copies. Furthermore, any reproduction requires the written consent of a designated signatory. In fact, these keys are patent-protected to prevent unauthorized duplicates.

Safe keys

Safe keys are a special type of key whose duplication is subject to specific regulations. Only professionals have permission to make copies and only under certain conditions.

Electronic keys

There are various electronic key technologies, some of which employ chips, depending on the manufacturer. The main ones are for car, motorcycle and boat keys, as well as access systems. Only a specialized locksmith or the vehicle dealership has the ability to make copies of these types of keys.

Places where you can get keys copied

Having keys made at a locksmith’s shop

This is the best solution! The fact is that key duplication requires very specific knowledge and numerous precautions. Locksmiths are reputable professionals. As such, they have all the necessary materials, expertise and experience to make perfect copies of your keys.

Furthermore, they have the ability to make copies of any type of key, from the simplest individual keys to the most complex restricted keys, including unique models, such as antique keys. These lock experts can duplicate a key not only from the original but also from the lock, itself.

Do you need to copy a restricted key? With a locksmith, it’s no problem. All you have to do is show proof of your identity as the owner.
As a certified professional, a locksmith will ensure the security of your home or commercial premises. You can rest assured that they will not make any illegal or unauthorized copies.

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