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Need duplicate keys? Here’s why you should choose a locksmith

At least once in our lives, we’ve all experienced the horror of not being able to get into our home because we’ve lost our keys or, worse yet, we’ve left them inside, where they’re patiently waiting for us on the coffee table. In general, we owe our salvation to a locksmith and a few not-so-well-invested dollars.

But what if you were to call on the services of a locksmith before the problem ever happened? While department stores only offer a few choices in models, possible uses and varieties of locks, a locksmith can address all your needs—and not just when you’re locked out of your home.

Have you thought about having duplicate keys made? Here’s why you should have it done by a locksmith.

Copies, yes, but not just any old copies

Locksmiths are reputable professionals. As such, they have all the required experience and materials to make perfect copies of your keys. They can do it all, regardless of the type of key or lock. It’s a no-brainer, especially in the case of certain complex keys and locks that require specific knowledge and skill.

When you call on the services of a locksmith, you’re generally guaranteed a better price and a much wider selection of keys than you’ll find at most general retail locations.

There are numerous, often pressing reasons why you might need duplicate keys: to be prepared in case you forget or misplace them, to provide copies for other people who live or work with you or to give a copy to someone you trust when you’re planning to go away on a trip. By contacting a locksmith, you have the assurance of knowing that you’ll receive quick, efficient service and a finished product that’s durable and dependable.

What about restricted keys?

This is no longer a problem. You simply have to present proof that clearly identifies you as the owner of the key and you can get a copy.

A duplicate key: the first step to security

Locksmiths employ best practices to help ensure the security of your home or business. A certified professional will be able to guide you in fixing a jammed lock or making a lock more effective, whether on your front door, file cabinet, mailbox or safe. A locksmith can even make duplicate car keys, as long as they don’t contain a chip. Finally, apartment building owners and managers often turn to locksmiths for their master keys and intercom systems.

You could think of locksmiths as security experts that can evaluate how burglar-proof your home or business is. They’re skilled at much more than just helping you get in when you’ve lost your keys. They can armor your doors, optimize your locks and add deadbolts, in addition to replacing your cylinders and performing maintenance.

While getting duplicate keys may solve an immediate problem, the range of services offered by a locksmith can help ensure your peace of mind when it comes to your vehicles and valuables.

Serruriers Amherst: specializing in locks and keys since 1974

Les Serruriers Amherst inc. has always understood that prevention and security are major concerns for their clientele. While copying keys of all kinds is one of their specialties, they’re attentive to all your needs, whether in relation to your business, your building or your home.

They’ll be happy to give you clear, detailed explanations regarding such things as single- and double-cylinder locks, profile cylinders, reversible key locks and electric latches, and help you decide what level of security will be most suitable for you. Contact us to find out more.