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Electronic lock options: tips and benefits

Electronic locks are used primarily in stores and other businesses to help control access. They can be purchased by themselves or in combination with a standard lock. They include a battery-powered motor and require an access code to activate the mechanism that opens the door.

These types of locks are being used more and more in residences for a variety of different reasons. Are you getting ready to change your front door? It’s a perfect opportunity to make the transition!

What are the advantages?

As a technology valued by an increasing number of users, electronic locking systems offer numerous advantages that set them apart from conventional systems. Are you always looking for your keys? Are you tired of lugging them around everywhere you go? With an electronic system, these annoyances are a thing of the past. All you have to do is enter your access code and you’re set!

You should be aware that not all locks are designed the same way. On the market, you’ll find locks that use a keypad, a wireless signal, an internet connection or biometrics (a finger print). However, biometric locks are not very suitable for use during our harsh winters, although they may be convenient if you have a property in the South or, obviously, if you need to lock an interior door in an office building, for example.

Remote control

Certain locks that are compatible with Android or iOS apps offer the possibility of remote-controlled access. This comes in handy when you’re away from home and not sure if you remembered to lock the door before you left. You can even grant temporary access to a friend or neighbor when you go away on a trip.

Enhanced security

Electronic locks work with an access code that can be changed regularly to ensure your security and that of your loved ones. Access control can also be integrated with your existing alarm system for added security!

Commercial electronic locks: the benefits for your business

Your company has everything to gain from the ability to autonomously manage the comings and goings of your employees. An electronic lock will enable you to control access to the building’s entrances and exits. You’ll no longer have any difficulty monitoring the arrival and departure times of your personnel. And by combining the system with video surveillance equipment, you’ll have the luxury of being able to double-check the identity of anyone who wants to enter your building.

Commercial locks: designed for optimum protection

Another advantage of commercial locks is that they are constructed to be stronger and more resistant to impacts and picking than residential locks, enabling you to ensure that your premises are secure. In this regard, it’s recommended to look for a lock that’s certified.

The American National Standards Institute/Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (ANSI/BHMA) program has established three classes, of which Class 1 corresponds to the highest degree of resistance. Class 1 locks are generally used in stores, warehouses and municipal buildings.

Locks that are UL437 certified (by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) are another excellent choice, thanks for their high resistance to picking.

Opt for an experienced professional locksmith!

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