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Which intercom system should you choose?

Much more than simple identification systems, intercoms are synonymous with day-go-day security. If you’re expecting deliveries, family or guests, no problem! But what about unexpected visitors, door-to-door salespeople or someone who simply pushes the buzzer by mistake or as a prank? There are legitimate reasons for wanting to verify the comings and goings at your entryway, and equipping yourself with the best the industry has to offer couldn’t be more pertinent.

Fittingly, in recent years, intercom systems have become highly diversified. Depending on your needs and the type of dwelling you live in, you may be more interested in some technologies than in others. Examining your various options and the factors to consider is a good first step to help you choose an efficient system that will serve your purposes and fit your budget!

Different types of intercoms for houses, apartments and multi-family dwellings

Intercom systems are essentially defined by their technology. In this sense, four different possibilities are available on the market: wired, wireless, audio-visual and, of course, connected.

Wired intercom systems

Wired systems proved their worth long ago. Classic, but efficient, they’re the most well-known and, by extension, the most widely used systems. They owe their reputation to their ease of use, as they resemble a telephone. Equipped with a handset, they rely on wiring to connect the exterior unit with microphone to an interior unit. This is precisely what makes them a bit more difficult to install, as this wiring may necessitate additional work. However, the fact remains that these are good-quality systems that, once installed, will function reliably for many years to come.

Wireless intercom systems

At the other end of the spectrum, wireless systems stand out for their ease of installation, as well as their ease of use. As the name implies, they don’t require any wiring, as they communicate via radio waves. However, this advantage is also their main disadvantage to the extent that—and this is true of any wireless technology—their performance can quickly deteriorate as the distance increases. Since any significant obstacle, such as walls, concrete or dense vegetation, can hinder their range, their efficiency is more limited.

Finally, in addition to offering remote communications, wired and wireless models can both be equipped with a means of remotely opening the door to an apartment, building or residence. In short, they’re like value-added doorbells!

Videophone systems

Videophones no longer need an introduction, as they’re already well established. They’re comparable to classic intercoms, but with the addition of a surveillance camera in the exterior unit. With an image added to the sound, they offer an even higher level of security, which many people appreciate, regardless of the type of dwelling they live in.

Besides being able to identify the person outside at a glance, you’ll also be able to tell if he or she is alone or with someone else. When you think about it, they’re also a very practical system for the hearing impaired.

With regard to their installation, it can be wired or wireless. In comparison with the previously mentioned systems, this one enables you to control access to your property or dwelling both visually and aurally. However, the cost is, unfortunately, much higher than that of the other systems.

Connected intercom systems

Have you heard about home automation yet? In a so-called “smart home,” you can control and monitor all of your home’s attributes (lights, appliances, HVAC, etc.) electronically. Intercoms are no exception, as you can easily find fully connected models.

By means of a mobile app, you’ll know who comes to visit you, whether you’re at home or not. You can receive notifications and use your smartphone as a microphone to talk to your visitors through the speaker in the external unit.

If you’re a techie at heart, you may be tempted to get a system like this. However, bear in mind that you’ll be dependent on a number of factors: your Wi-Fi connection, your electrical hookups, the performance of your smartphone, the obligation to download the app, the arrival of notifications, etc.

Selection criteria allying efficiency and budget

This brief overview of intercom technologies has no doubt given you a more detailed picture of the market. You’ve probably pinpointed a few factors to focus on with regard to your future system. Do you feel like a screen would come in handy? Would you prefer wired or wireless communications, knowing that the former entails certain supplemental work? In this sense, do you find it easier to work with wired or wireless power supplies?

Aside from these practical considerations, the range of the system must be one of your primary concerns. Think about the nature of your residence. For example, range can be a decisive factor if you live in a multi-family dwelling or if the entrance to the building is far away from the entrance to your apartment. If you’ve decided to get an intercom in the interests of optimizing your security, you certainly won’t want to overlook the quality of the signal, especially when it comes to the ability to hear and understand the person at the other end.

The following are some of the other options aimed at adding functionality to your system. They’ll increase the intercom’s practicality, but also its price! That’s why it’s important to determine whether they’re truly indispensable or simply novelties.

  • An electrical connection enabling you to open the door for your guests remotely instead of having to leave your apartment
  • Hands-free operation enabling you to listen via an indoor speaker, rather than having to pick up a handset
  • Night vision
  • Internal memory

Choosing the intercom system that will meet your needs

As you can see, the possibilities are numerous, and as is often the case, it all depends on your needs. However, there’s little doubt that, for many of us, precisely evaluating those needs is a difficult undertaking.

That’s just one more reason to turn to the professionals at Serruriers Amherst. Thanks to their experience, their listening skills and their attention to detail, they’ll be able to ascertain your situation and advise you honestly as to the system that will meet your expectations while staying within your budget!


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