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Security systems: exterior cameras, intercoms and more

Whether you own an apartment building or a private residence, adopting a system to secure access to your building represents a major asset when it comes to protecting your tenants, your family and your belongings. According to a report by SafeWise, approximately 60 percent of thieves would be unlikely to target a building equipped with a security system.

In some cases, a security system is even mandated by law. For example, the law requires that buildings with six or more apartments be equipped with an intercom system. There are numerous systems that can help secure access to your property. In fact, more and more individuals are opting for smart homes (also called “connected homes”), which often include the installation of surveillance cameras, both inside and outside.

Below, you’ll find some useful information on the two main types of security systems used at the entrances of homes and other buildings.

Exterior surveillance cameras

Long reserved for professional use only, exterior surveillance cameras are appealing to an increasing number of individuals. According to Market Research Future, the domestic surveillance camera market is expected to reach 1.3 billion dollars by 2023. There are numerous available models, offering a wide variety of features.

To provide surveillance at the entrance to your residence, you should opt for a model with the following characteristics:

  • WiFi
  • Resistance to extreme cold, heat and weather (rain, snow, wind, etc.)
  • High-definition images (Full HD 1080p) in order to identify people’s faces
  • Infrared capability and a wide field of vision
  • Excellent microphone and speaker, not only to easily identify people’s voices and understand what they’re saying, but also to send an audible warning, if necessary
  • Facial recognition and an alarm (ideally)

These days, surveillance cameras usually come with a downloadable mobile app enabling you to receive alerts and monitor the premises remotely.

Intercom systems

This is the oldest type of surveillance system, which was traditionally used at the entrances to apartment buildings, allowing tenants to vocally (and sometimes visually) identify visitors in order to control their access to the premises.

There are numerous models of intercoms available on the market. The most basic standard unit consists of one module at the entrance and another one inside, allowing you to respond and open the door. This technology also allows you to identify the voice of anyone who shows up at your doorstep.

Thanks to technological advances and the widespread use of computers and other electronics, intercom systems, just like surveillance cameras, now offer a range of new possibilities. You can even combine your intercom system with your home automation system in order to unlock the front door to your home or apartment building using your smartphone. As a result, you’re in control at all times. When visitors push the buzzer button on the intercom, you’ll receive a notification so you can choose whether to let them in or not.

Security system tips from the experts

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