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Exterior door handle purchase guide

Far from being just another detail, exterior door handles shouldn’t be neglected, if only because you use them every day. Faced with such an embarrassment of models and choices, you’ll undoubtedly need some tips to help orient you. Which criteria are indispensable? And which are simply matters of practicality?

In order to find a reasonable compromise between security and esthetics, type and budget, find out which doorknob you should set your sights on for an exterior door that’s stylish, practical and reliable.

The bases for choosing exterior door handles: resistance and security

Above all else, remember that exterior door handles are intended to ensure your security and that of your home. Therefore, they must be solid and weather resistant. To discourage possible break-ins, you should opt for a reinforced model with a cylinder, which locks with a key inside and outside. If you want additional security, you should consider a multipoint lock. Self-locking door handles may be another good option, as long as you don’t forget your keys and leave them inside, that is.

If you’d prefer to avoid this unpleasant circumstance, you’ll be happy to know that there are wireless, keyless mechanisms available that are compatible with your mobile device. Convenient and modern, these locks are relatively effective, but won’t function in the event of a power outage. For this very reason, most property owners combine them with an additional, more conventional key lock.

A door handle’s power of resistance will also depend on the door on which it’s mounted. A solid wood door can be combined with a single cylinder deadbolt with no problem. However, in the case of doors that are more fragile, you should invest in a more rugged (and probably more expensive) system.

Handle prices: depending on the style, type and dimensions

While the locking system weighs heavily in the balance in terms of budget, other criteria also come into play, including the material and the style. For security reasons, you should always favor metal. Stainless steel handles are among the most affordable and most substantial. Durable and easy to maintain, they’re a guaranteed value.

When it comes to resistance, you can also rely on iron, which adds no small measure of elegance. It’s a great option for country-style residences, despite its weak point—corrosion—which necessitates polishing the hardware regularly in order to prevent it from deteriorating. Beautiful and authentic, bronze remains unbeatable in terms of durability. However, it’s also more expensive and doesn’t necessarily correspond to everyone’s tastes.

For a more modern home, a chrome version with either a satin or a polished finish could create a beautiful effect.

Handles should also be easy to grip. Do you have children? Do you live with senior citizens? You’ll quickly realize that certain types of handles are more practical than others. While pull handles may have an interesting design, there’s no question that they aren’t exactly the most convenient. There are other things to consider, as well. Is the lock easy to open or does the key have to be inserted at an awkward angle? Do the dimensions of the system make it easy to open in the available space?

As you can see, purchasing the right exterior door handle isn’t quite as easy as it may seem. To help ensure that you make a choice that’s suitable on every level, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Serruriers Amherst Inc. They can guide you toward models that are not only solid and dependable but also easy to use and easy on the eyes.

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