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Electric latches and other access control systems

We all want to know that our homes, our businesses and our belongings are secure. Whether to facilitate the day-to-day routine or reinforce the security of a commercial building, an electronic locking system offers a multitude of advantages.

Find out why the installation of an electric latch is an excellent investment to help you maintain your peace of mind!

What is a lock latch?

The latch (also called a “strike” or “keeper”) is one of the most important parts of any lock. It ensures the lock’s strength and durability. An electric latch (or electronic lock) differs from a mechanical latch in that it doesn’t require the use of a key. Practical and extremely secure, it can be used on different types of doors, including the lobby of an apartment building, condo complex or other type of building, hotel room doors, security gates, automatic storefront doors and even car doors.

Remote access control: the best feature of an electronic lock

One of the main advantages of an electronic lock is that it allows you to lock and unlock your door remotely. Installed directly on the knob or away from the knob, it can function in various ways, including the following:

  • With the aid of a keypad and code for building entrances
  • With the aid of a remote control for gates
  • With a key-card or chip for all other uses

Software to facilitate management

You can regulate access directly from the control unit or remotely through the use of a convenient software program. As a result, building and parking lot security officers have the luxury of changing the code whenever they want, whether to maximize the level of security, swap out magnetic key-cards or monitor everyone’s comings and goings. Software also makes it possible to effectively manage attempted break-ins. For these purposes, it’s common to combine an electronic lock with a surveillance camera or intercom in order to improve the security of the premises.

Smart electronic locks

These days, there’s a long list of devices that can be controlled from a smartphone, and locks are no exception. Through the use of an application, certain locks offer the possibility of locking and unlocking your doors with a simple tap of the finger. It’s even possible for you to see who enters and exits your residence or send your friends or family a set of virtual keys to use while you’re away from home. Once you come back, you can even change the code!

Reinforced security

One of the great qualities of a lock with an electric latch is that it prevents vandalism. Only those who have a key-card or entry code can cross the threshold. Furthermore, the fact that the housing is made of steel makes any attempts to disassemble it extremely difficult.

Other benefits of electronic locks:

  • You can change the settings easily and conveniently
  • You save time, thanks to the instantaneous opening and closing of the door
  • You no longer have to turn the house upside-down hunting for your keys

Installing an electric latch for enhanced protection

Are you looking for an effective security system for your home, business or building? Are you considering making the switch to electronic locks? Why not entrust the job to a team of professionals who will help you choose the best products to suit your needs? For 40 years, Serruriers Amherst has been offering clients its expertise, helping them protect their belongings and regain their peace of mind!