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Access control and remote door opening systems

Choosing the right door lock for your residence or office is crucial for protecting your belongings. Today, technology offers multiple possibilities in terms of access control systems and other remote door-opening devices. The problems related to key management are a thing of the past.

Here, you’ll discover some simple but effective solutions for increasing your level of security—and your peace of mind!

Different types of access control systems

Electronic locks

Electronic locks are common on hotel room doors, building entrances and vehicles. The main advantage they all offer is keyless entry.

They’re a very practical access system if you’re looking for a way to open the door to your building remotely or if you want to keep track of every visitor’s comings and goings. Most of these locks feature multiple options when it comes to codes, scheduling and tracking.

Electronic locks offer the following advantages:

  • The ability to change the code to increase security
  • The possibility of opening the door remotely
  • Automatic locking for building entrances
  • Protection against attempted break-ins
  • Ease of configuration and management

Remote access system—home automation

What’s even more practical than an electronic lock? A smart or connected electronic lock. As the name indicates, a connected lock can communicate with any smartphone, tablet or other device connected to the internet. You can personalize the door opening and locking functions and perform them remotely from wherever you may be. However, you should be aware that only a specialist can install these types of systems.

Enhance your level of security with an intercom system

Did you know that the law requires buildings with six or more apartments to have an intercom system installed at the main entrance? This measure obviously aims to ensure the security of the building occupants by enabling visitors to identify themselves. There are also video intercom systems that enable the people inside the building to see the visitors on a screen.

Some models are even equipped with internal communication units and remote door-opening systems. Others work through the landlines in the apartments or through cellphones.

There are currently numerous types of intercoms on the market. Whether you’re looking for an intercom for your condominium, your office or your new triplex, the selection is vast.

Below, you’ll find some different types of intercoms you might want to consider for your building.

Wall units

An intercom in the form of a wall unit is installed near the main entrance to the building. It enables visitors to identify themselves vocally after they push the buzzer. The person inside can then unlock the door remotely.

Certain retirement homes and apartment buildings are also equipped with closed-circuit TV systems offering a view of the entryway.

Wall-mounted intercoms with telephone

Similar to the basic version, wall-mounted intercoms with telephones make it easier to secure access to your property. However, they offer the additional advantage of telephone communications, as opposed to simply pushing a buzzer. This is especially practical if there’s no camera monitoring the entrance.

Are you looking for the best access control system for your particular situation?

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