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What you need to know before purchasing a smart lock

Are you thinking about changing the lock on your front door to a connected lock? Does the idea of home automation intrigue you? Are you tired of your kids losing their keys? Would you like to track everyone’s comings and goings during the day while you’re away? Do you want to reinforce the security of your home?

Thanks to recent technological advances, over the past few years, smart locks, also called connected locks, have become increasingly popular. However, entering the age of the smart home isn’t always simple. To help guide you in your purchase, here are a few points you should keep in mind.

Characteristics of a connected lock

A connected lock is a device you can add to a standard front-door lock. It consists of a battery-powered motor situated on the inner side of the door. Once activated, whether through biometrics, a keypad or a wireless signal (Bluetooth or WiFi), the motor moves a lever, which slides a single-cylinder deadbolt, either locking or unlocking the door.

Because of all the electronic components this type of lock includes, the rotation mechanism is relatively large, taking up more room inside the door than a traditional lock does. Therefore, you’ll need to make sure that the design of your door allows sufficient space to install this type of lock.

Before purchasing your new connected lock, you must also ensure that your front door is perfectly aligned so that it closes correctly. Otherwise, the locking mechanism won’t work optimally.

Finally, before getting your new device, you’ll need to confirm that the smartphone app you’ll use to manage and activate your connected lock is available, that it will meet your needs and, most importantly, that it’s highly secure.

Advantages of a smart lock

The main advantage of investing in a smart door is undeniably the peace of mind it brings!

Below are a few more of the numerous benefits of installing a connected lock:

  • Easy installation in a matter of minutes
  • Excellent level of home security
  • Ability to monitor the entries and exits of children, household employees, family members, etc., thanks to a full report
  • Keyless operation (although you can still use your current keys to lock and unlock the door from the outside)
  • Remote access to the lock through your smartphone
  • Detection of your cell phone when you’re within a few meters from the system, making it easy to lock and unlock the door (especially when your hands are full)
  • Availability of automatic locking on certain models so you won’t have to worry whenever you leave, as the door will be completely closed and locked
  • Quick, automatic unlocking mechanism
  • Availability of voice commands on certain models, whether through Siri (Apple), Alexa (Amazon) or Google Assistant

Are you interested in installing a smart lock on the front door of your home or would you like more information? Contact the experts at Serruriers Amherst Inc. They’ll be happy to advise you as to the best model to suit your needs.